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Art of Ruth Rhoten


 Artistic Background:


In a  cold winter in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the Craft Center, I started my study as a Metalsmith with Curtis Lafontee.  The  University of Kansas (KU) was my choice of schools because Curtis had studied in the Design Department.


I then entered the first Metalsmith Department in the United States--thus began my creative journey.


After I received the degree in Design with a emphasis in Metalsmithing, I went to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I lived, worked, and studied Metalsmithing for a year. During the early 1970's there were many creative Silversmiths in Denmark. I benefited from their knowledge of design.


Thus began my business as a Silversmith and Goldsmith.


Artistic Visions:


To say I loved metal is an understatement. A passion would be more correct. The drive of creativity kept me on the road. Though many bumps and impediments came my way, "perseverance" became my mantra.


When a road block stood in my way, "Don't worry, Do" became the next mantra. The more I did to further my creative growth, the more opportunities and changes came into my life.


Whatever obstacles came my way, I did not give up. I was driven by the love of my work and my dream to be the best Silversmith and Goldsmith, that I could be.


Artistic Influences:


The people who came into my life came at the right time--and helped me along the path. These included those who encourage me, support my work, and were with me as I developed my skills and my art.


There are the ones whose love and support are strong, who believe in me.

I feel blessed to have the friends and family--as well as colleagues and clients-- who have walked beside me through this life.


Age and knowledge have shown that all these people, all that encouragement and support, are the ingredients that make this Artist  fulfilled and successful.


Artistic Reflections:


Listening to the sound of the wind.

Seeing a beautiful wave.

Feeling a shell.

Sensing the life around me.


Knowing animals, knowing trees.

The mystery of nature.

Living in the moment.

Slowing down for a scent of a flower.


Being surrounded by the grace of sunrise.

And sunset--the cycle of life.

Singing with the birds.

Embracing the gifts that come.





 © Ruth Rhoten



Ruth Rhoten is a Goldsmith and Silversmith who is inspired by nature. She creates pieces reflecting the earth’s beauty.

Her expertise ranges from original one-of-a-kind pieces to limited editions in Gold and Silver. Commissions for jewelery and sculpture are always welcome.


Contact Her: 510-798-2734