What are your favorite projects?

I find so much satisfaction in all the work I do, but it's really an adventure when I can work with my own design without any constraints in terms of materials.

Hand Wrought 24k gold bracelet made by Ruth Rhoten
18k yellow gold bracelet with platinum spheres set with small diamonds. Anti clastic raising, all hand fabricated by Ruth Rhoten, Goldsmith
24k gold ring hand wrought by Goldsmith Ruth Rhoten
Hand Wrougnt 24k gold earrings made with black pearl by Goldsmith Ruth Rhoten



black pearls

18k yellow gold, platinum, and

milli diamonds  Bracelet

24k Gold Hand Wrought Bracelet


24k gold fun Ring

"What are my favorite commissions?"

A difficult question because I have enjoyed making so many rings, wedding rings, bracelets, eye ware, and meaningful gifts for all my customers.

picture of the antique glasses and new glass-frame fabricated white gold frames to match.

18k white gold eye ware to match antique pair. Details in 14k rose gold.

Hand made 18k white gold glasses frames with rose gold screws made by Ruth Rhoten, Goldsmith

  Power Ring/

 Ring of Office.


18k yellow gold,

 green cats eye tourmaline,

 and green/gold sapphires.

18k gold ring with green tourmaline with cats eye. Green and golden shappires. Cast and fabricated and designed by Ruth Rhoten
two wedding rings made with mokume gold and settings in rose gold and yellow gold. Hand wrought

Wedding Rings

Mokume set into rose gold and yellow gold bands with engraving of the special day.

Story for New Artists


Early in my career I traveled in a pick-up truck from Seattle all the way across the country to New York City.

I thought I would go to the big galleries and show my artwork.

Walking down Fifth Avenue, I ventured into a high-end jewelry gallery.  It was luxurious!

The  owner was polite enough and seemed happy to see what I had created.


She was impressed!

And then she asked, “Who are you??”

Well, I am Ruth Rhoten!

Since I had yet to establish my reputation, she was not interested.

I felt disappointed and went on my way.


That way led to Soho and a One-Woman show and on to a gallery in Easthampton.

And the rest is history!


I tell you this story so those who are beginning artists realize that we all face obstacles along our way.

The important thing is this: Don’t give up!  Do!

Persevere with your art.

The path may have potholes, but the journey is worth ever step.


I send all my best wishes to you!

Art of Ruth Rhoten

 © Ruth Rhoten



Ruth Rhoten is a Goldsmith and Silversmith who is inspired by nature. She creates pieces reflecting the earth’s beauty.

Her expertise ranges from original one-of-a-kind pieces to limited editions in Gold and Silver. Commissions for jewelery and sculpture are always welcome.


Contact Her: 510-798-2734