Master Goldsmith & Silversmith

Hand-Wrought One of a kind and limited Editions Sterling and Gold Works of Art Commissioned and Designed

" Trust your intuition."

--Ruth Bernhard,




Following my intuition has been the way I create my works of art.


Letting my hands guide me is another way. Flow in work has to do with the waves of creativity. Some days nothing;   other days an explosion of ideas. It is all part of the process of being a Goldsmith and Silversmtih.


Discipline is paramount.  I go to work, I work.


And being able to design works that people treasure has brought me great joy.

sterling letter opener, limited edition made for Japanesque, 33, all sold
study of sea shell, drawing, charcoal and paper.

Hammering the silver is the next stage.


After that a flow begins through fire, water, air, and metal. Moving with the flow of the molecules of the hardness of metal, is a slow movement.


The Fire of softening the metal gives the muscles time to relax and prepare for the hardness of hammering the metal.


Quenching the metal steam rises. And the smell permeates the room.


Some say they can smell the difference between silver and silver plate.


 It is a learned skill, but at the moment of steam, the silver gives you her scent. How sweet it is!

Some times I see it in my mind-

other times it takes shape when I draw


Drawing a shell teaches me the curves, the empty space,

and the movement of the lines.


Moving to the metal in 3D aligns this sensory information with clues to the imagination.

Hammered Sterling Silver Bowl and gold wash inside.
Ruth Rhoten's Silver Objects


Art of Ruth Rhoten

 © Ruth Rhoten



Ruth Rhoten is a Goldsmith and Silversmith who is inspired by nature. She creates pieces reflecting the earth’s beauty.

Her expertise ranges from original one-of-a-kind pieces to limited editions in Gold and Silver. Commissions for jewelery and sculpture are always welcome.


Contact Her: 510-798-2734